YouTube tests the disappearance of community posts and expands access to membership gifts

YouTube is testing a new post type within its Community Posts element, while also expanding access to “membership giveaways,” which give creators another way to grow their audience in the app.

First, on posts that disappear – YouTube is running a new experience that will allow selected creators to set a time limit for their community posts in the app, which will see those updates disappear after 24 or 72 hours.

As you can see in this example, the new option will allow you to set an expiration date for a community post, which will then see it automatically removed from view after that time.

YouTube says the creators looked at other ways to improve engagement within the Community Posts element:

“Wwe heard from creators that they would like the ability to share content which is only available for a short time – for example, a special time-limited discount on merchandising or a special message for fans who manage to catch it before it expires.

YouTube’s Community Messages, which it opened to all channels with more than 500 subscribers in September last year (up from 1,000 subscribers previously), allow creators to share text messages – which can include polls, GIFs, images and video – in their Community tab.

YouTube Community Posts

This provides another way to extend your community building efforts beyond video content and subsequent comments, which is more in line with the engagement you’ll find in other social apps.

And soon, you’ll also be able to share disappearing posts – although the initial test is only running with select creators on Android devices to begin with.

“Viewers will be able to see that a message will expire in x hours at the top of the post in the community tab, and creators will have their posts expired in the ‘Community’ tab under the bullet ‘Archived’ once it has expired. Creators cannot re-share expired posts, but we are planning to add this feature in the future.”

On another front, YouTube is also expanding access to its “Membership Gifting” option, which allows channel members to purchase gift subscriptions, which are then distributed to other viewers who are not subscribed to the channel. .

Gift a YouTube subscription

Which might sound a little strange, but the idea is that it’s a measure of support for creators, not a gift for friends, as such, providing a way to both give income to the creator (because they get the usual gifted subscription discount), while also helping them to increase their audience in the app.

“Until now, gifted subscriptions have only been in a limited beta phase and only available to a small number of creators. But with this launch, we are increasing the number of creators who have access to gift subscriptions. And as a creator, you can purchase gift subscriptions for your community without becoming a member yourself.

To be eligible for the program, channels must have activated subscriptions at a $4.99 tier. Viewers must also register to receive gifts during a stream, which they can do by tapping the “Allow gifts” prompt in chat of an eligible stream.

This could be a handy option for building an in-app community, and with many YouTubers inspiring legions of avid fans, you can imagine some will be more than happy to help grow their favorite creators’ following. .

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