Where to read light novels: apps + websites

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to read light novels online. Below you will find tons of sites and apps where you can read a ton of different and interesting light novels translated into a variety of languages. All apps are a bit different, so feel free to shop around until you find the platform that’s right for you!

You do not know what to read ? Find here our recommendations of the best light novels!

Internet Archives

With new books added almost every day, the Internet Archive is the perfect place to find your next light reading. Their collection contains both new and old books, as well as translated works. The best part is? It lets you track, bookmark, and list whatever you read so you can stay organized.

royal road

Royal Road is full of translated light novels. Perfect for someone trying to learn a new language or looking for a book that isn’t translated anywhere else. They have qualified translators and are constantly updating the library, so it’s good to have a bookmark. There is always something new!


DotNovel allows you to temporarily download books to your device, making it the perfect option if you plan to travel soon. The best part about DotNovel is that the community is constantly adding their favorite translations, so there is a variety of reads to choose from.

New Updates

Novel Updates is a directory app that lets you tag, track, and download tons of lightweight novels. It also shows you which websites / apps your favorite reads are on. It’s a great companion app if you like light novels, but can be a standalone option as well.

J-Roman Club

It is a subscription-based reading platform where you can read work being translated and be updated as it progresses. It also often includes bonus content such as author interviews or previews of other work in progress.

List of projects

Here you can see tons of lightweight novels that you are working on and reading as they are updated. It’s a great resource for anyone who is constantly on the hunt for their next favorite light novel while watching them progress.


Both an app and a webpage, this is a fan-translated community where you can read a ton of different light novels. Currently, the app has 252 works in 29 different languages. They also have a “teaser projects” section where you can preview new releases. Baka-Tsuki is a great place to read a ton, and if you’ve ever wanted to translate your own light novel, they frequently accept submissions.

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