Ultiworld 2021 Membership Campaign Announcement


Help support Ultiworld as the ultimate comeback!

Stream Ultiworld at the 2019 D-III University Championships Photo: William Brotman – UltiPhotos.com

Today Ultiworld is launching its fifth annual membership drive.

Normally our membership drive takes place in May, but it’s far from a normal year. With sport slowly returning to play in the midst of the pandemic, we wondered when and how to do our annual training. More than ever, we need the support of our readers to function.

So we ask that you subscribe and support the journalism and video coverage Ultiworld brings to the ultimate community.

For you, the subscriber, a subscription doesn’t just provide access to the largest collection of gameplay footage in sports. You will also get exclusive articles (from features to analysis and beyond); subscriber-only podcasts like Sideline Talk; bonus segments from all of our free podcasts, including Sin The Fields, Deep Look, and our latest additions Laying it Out and Huckin ‘Eh; video analysis in the cinema hall; In The Zone, a monthly business newsletter; a weekly Mailbag column; the ability to opt out of advertisements and improve your experience on the site; and more.

But more than that, subscriptions allow us to finance all the coverage, commentary and guides we publish, whether public or paid – and continue to push to be the best resource we can be for players, coaches, organizers and fans at all levels Game.

You can find out more and Subscribe now here:

Subscribe now

Starting at $ 3.99 / month.

If you are already a subscriber or just want to support what we do, you can also make a donation towards the cost of a subscription for a young player, a student or a group of your choice. Ultiworld matches all donations one by one, so you can double your impact. A donation of $ 40, for example, will provide two players with an annual Mini membership. We count donations to reach our membership goal!

One-time donation

Individual correspondence by Ultiworld

We know not everyone can afford to subscribe or donate, especially now. You can apply to receive a subscription offered here.

93% funded

375 New subscribers

0 hours to go

You may remember our subscription campaign from last August. What are some of the things we have been doing over the past two years? Here are a few things to note.

In our video coverage, we …

  • Provided the club’s largest video coverage of the season in site history, with over 160 games already released for subscribers
  • Served as a live stream producer for the Premier Ultimate League and American Ultimate Disc League in 2021
  • Production of high-quality live video coverage of the 2019 Under-24 World Championships, 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships and 2019 Division III University Championships
  • Produces the LA Throwback Color of Ultimate Showcase Game early 2020
  • We continued to expand our live streaming capabilities, incorporating more graphics, stats, cameras and video features.

Across the site, we …

  • We continued to expand our reported coverage globally, with previews, recaps and analysis of events like the XEUCF and the Ultimate Canada Invitational
  • Launched strategic and educational resources such as our Ultimate Fundamentals series, including a glossary and guide to throwing a setback; our Play Call series, where top players share advice on strategy and player development; and Davide’s Doctrines, a multimedia series by Davide Morri of CUSB La Fotta
  • Publication of a large subscriber-only series developing and testing better ultimate stats with Paul Würtztack’s EDGE project
  • Publishing a Resource Guide for College Captains and a Comprehensive Project Management Guide for Tournament Directors, including adaptable resources for hosting your own events
  • From reports and published profiles telling stories around the sport, from Zoe Collins Rath’s report on the black experience in the Ultimate to profiles of figures like Emily Smith-Wilson and Amy Kendziorski to a lengthy interview with the minds behind Contested Strip
  • Continued to bring more voice to the ultimate conversation with new columns like Witmer’s Wisdom and Bring It In and the Huckin ‘Eh and Laying it Out podcasts
  • Expanding the core editorial staff to incorporate more perspectives at the content management level, undertook focused work to increase transparency and accountability of EDI efforts, and launched the FWD program, a paid internship for emerging writers
  • Creation of exclusive content for disc golf subscribers on Ultiworld Disc Golf

So why register? We want to be able to continue to offer deeper and deeper coverage of all aspects of the sport – and that means we want to be able to pay reasonable compensation to the hard-working editorial team instead of having them write or edit for a small allowance and their love of the sport. No one gets rich from Ultiworld, but to get the best quality work from a truly diverse range of contributors, we need to compensate them for their effort, knowledge and time.

Additionally, a stable base of reader subscriptions helps us make editorial decisions that go beyond what gets the most clicks, or what can be sponsored or monetized. We’re here to cover established leagues and first-year startups – star players and smaller stories that matter – and we don’t want what’s notable in the Ultimate to be dictated by what’s been seen before.

Think about all the Ultiworld articles you’ve read and shared over the years, and all the additional tournaments you’ve followed through our coverage. We want to keep doing this work and more. You can subscribe for as low as $ 3.99 per month – and get two months free when you sign up for an annual subscription.

What’s coming up? What will your subscription help us achieve? Here are some things on the horizon:

  • In partnership with USA Ultimate, two matches broadcast live in each round of the National Club Championships (and two additional matches filmed in each round) – this will be the most comprehensive video coverage ever at the National Club Championships
  • All day live blogging reports and analysis from our reporting team at Club Nationals
  • Live coverage and reporting from the combined varsity championships in December (and regular varsity championships in May 2022)
  • In-depth coverage of 2022 international events including the World Games, World Clubs, World Beach, and World Junior Championships
  • More live streaming and reporting at the fourth High School National Invite
  • Full coverage of the 2022 spring academic season, with video coverage at multiple events
  • Extensive coverage of the PUL and WUL during their 2022 seasons
  • Continued expansion of our international coverage
  • More video analysis, both writing and video
  • Subscription content coming soon to Ultiworld Disc Golf, included at no additional cost!

A monthly subscription is the best way for readers to support all of our initiatives. If you like our strategy articles but also want to support more coverage of young people, a subscription is a great way to do it! If you religiously watch all of the female footage in our club, but want to support the coverage of University Women DI and D-III, a subscription is a great way to do it! If you enjoy all of our reporting but really want to make sure Pat and Tad can survive another year of Sin The Fields, a membership is a great way to do that as well.

93% funded

375 New subscribers

0 hours to go

Our goal is to add 400 new subscribers by Sunday October 31st.

Subscribing is super easy – check out our subscription page to find out more and to sign up. Thank you very much for your support!

If you have any questions for me about the subscription, the ultimate journalism economy or anything else, please feel free to ask them below in the comments or via email to [email protected]


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