Ty Haney Launches New Web3 Community Commerce Platform “Try Your Best”

“With skyrocketing customer acquisition costs, the retail industry requires a new approach to growth,” says the founder of Try Your Best. Ty Haney. “Brands are quickly realizing that what matters today is loyalty and that retaining their customers over the long term requires a new vision. Come to think of it, loyalty today is the same as it 50 years ago, transactional, shallow, and Web3 opens up a whole new dimension of brand building strategy.Consumers want to influence the products they buy, they want the brands they love to reflect their personal values ​​and they want something to show for it. Making your community an extension of your team and sharing value with is a new model we call ‘Integrated Community Commerce’.”

The mission/call to action is to “build with the community” to create better products and experiences. Brands invite fans into a collectible brand community channel where consumers earn for their engagement via a simple repeatable prompt that inspires action and unlocks rewards. Brands build affinity by involving their fans in product development decisions, such as choosing product line colors and styles, to marketing initiatives such as submitting images for campaigns and driving referrals via shareable NFTs. User participation is rewarded with branded digital coins redeemable for physical or digital goods, as well as collectibles including utility NFTs that grant access to private branded channels, exclusive events, status and opportunities for higher rewards. TYB Rewards are securely stored in a TYB Wallet that tracks coins, collectibles, and other branded incentives that connect to a brand’s storefront for an enhanced community shopping experience.

The founding team of Try Your Best comes from consumer brand experience and will use years of experience to bring the retail experience closer to the original promise of “direct-to-consumer” commerce and the Internet in general. On the brand side, not only will businesses be able to engage with their fans beyond the constraints of traditional social media, newsletters and advertisements, TYB also offers a wealth of information about their potential consumer. Incentives on TYB are proxy fan loyalty creating a broader and more holistic view versus pure transactional loyalty. The TYB platform and Web3 technology provide a nuanced picture of their audiences and ultimately enable a more informed marketing strategy.

To learn more about Try Your Best and its upcoming initiatives, please visit TYB.xyz and follow on Instagram at @tyb.xyz.

About TYB
What if you could influence the brands you love and get rewarded for it? Try Your Best is where brands and fans build and win together. Earn brand coins, NFTs, collectibles and unlock access to exclusive products, channels and discounts from your favorite brands, all in one place.

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