This pre-independence era bungalow is now an exclusive community for Mumbai’s creative lot


“There are very few places that allow people to do whatever they want in Mumbai. In addition, there are few places that city dwellers can make their own, ”explains Sangita Kathiwada. It was this thought that prompted the entrepreneur to restore his 78-year-old art-deco bungalow in the Pochkhanwala district of Worli in a space that could bring together “culturally curious” people under one roof. A secret place to work, dine, practice yoga, snuggle up with a book, admire art, meet like-minded people and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sangita’s family descends from the former rulers of the princely state of Kathiwada, now in Madhya Pradesh. For years, they have hosted artists, architects, potters, writers and photographers in their Worli house. “It has always been a haunt for creatives. We wanted to make it more accessible, so they didn’t need an invitation to come, ”says Sangita (who also restored the family’s former hunting lodge, Kathiwada Raaj Mahal in Madhya Pradesh, to a beautiful hideaway. ). His son, Digvijay Singh Kathiwada, therefore decided to expand this resort space to a community of private members called Circle 1434 so people can learn, inspire, co-create and network in the city.

What’s inside Kathiwada City House, Worli?

Beyond the high fence of Kathiwada City House is a space completely cut off from the outside world. The bungalow welcomes you in a cozy gallery with a juice and coffee bar, and paintings by MF Hussain, Laxman Shrestha, VS Gaitonde and others, all from the family collection. Beyond the gallery is a private dining area which leads to an outdoor green space with lounge chairs and benches, a great place to cool off and rejuvenate or enjoy a meal. There is also a small lounge, a co-working space, a meeting room, a private lounge and a sports memorabilia room, with bats and jerseys signed by sportsmen such as Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Suresh Raina.


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