This community of women entrepreneurs helps Maltese women succeed in business

Are you a female entrepreneur, business owner or professional in Malta?

Looking to branch out, network and meet like-minded people?

The “FEM community” is an emerging platform for businesswomen, women wishing to start their own businesses and business professionals, to offer support in their business.

The cool community hosts networking events, business workshops, book clubs, brunches and campaigns, and now Sunday shopping markets!

FEM Shop Weekly Markets Are A Safe And Friendly Environment For Women Entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and sell their products and services each week to the community.

One can find 25 different hand-selected and exclusive boutiques, candles, fashion items, vegan treats, home decor, jewelry, baby clothes, accessories, handbags, cultivated plants on place, beauty treatments, crafts and more!

Offering local support, this initiative is in place to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses with new customers and sales, with the progression for women entrepreneurs to transform their side activity into a full time business.

Shop Markets are held at Ivy House in Pembroke, and they run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Sunday through December 19 and then again on New Years!

The storefronts are set up on the terrace, where one can also enjoy a relaxing drink and vegan treats while relaxing in the beer garden.

The “FEM community” is for like-minded women who like to empower each other and want to make a difference by helping other women by sharing their knowledge and business experiences.

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