There could be an increase in Amazon Prime membership fees

The Amazon logo is projected onto a screen during a news conference on September 6, 2012 in Santa Monica, California.

Just when you think the pandemic couldn’t get any worse, everything around the world decides to escalate.

We have seen it everywhere. Groceries, streaming services and now Amazon could be next. The last time Amazon raised the price of its Prime subscription was several years ago. Currently the cost is $119 per membership. But now inflation across the world could mean another increase.

Kiplinger reports that Amazon is tight-lipped about a rate hike for its loyal members, who were first lured by Amazon Prime’s free shipping before learning about its many other perks. However, Amazon has a history of increasing rates every four years. Amazon last raised subscription prices in April 2014, before the increase in 2018.

“After a while, it should increase,” Greg Greeley, who ran the Amazon Prime program from 2013 to 2018, told Business Insider. “There has been a lot of upward pressure. So a reset due to shipping cost inflation might be appropriate. There is no price increase confirmation yet, however, we will keep an eye out and report any updates. For now, enjoy the price while it lasts. (And we hope so)

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