Texas removes more LGBTQ suicide prevention resources from state websites

On February 1, the webpage in question featured a hyperlink, phone number, and text line for The Trevor Project, a crisis intervention and suicide prevention service for LGBTQ youth. However, NBC News reports that on February 5, the section was removed. Three other listed prevention phone or text lines remain.

Also, a PDF with resources under “Parent and Youth Suicide Prevention” still has a phone number for The Trevor Project, although less accessible. The filing also does not indicate that the organization is LGBTQ-focused.

Texas officials have previously targeted LGBTQ-specific resources in recent months. In August, DFPS officials took down a webpage titled “Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation” and a page for Texas Youth Connection, a program run by the agency, which included a link to The Trevor Project. To date, the page still displays an error message.

The Texas Youth Connection site also still displays the message: “The Texas Youth Connection website has been temporarily disabled for a full review of its content. This is done to ensure that its information, resources, and referrals are up-to-date.”

This latest digital cleanup follows a directive issued by the governor last week calling on the DFPS to investigate parents of minors receiving gender-affirming medical treatment for child abuse. Licensed professionals, including doctors, nurses and teachers, could face criminal penalties for failing to report such procedures, Abbott wrote.

Since that order, at least three families with transgender children have been targeted by the state for investigation, according to the Houston Chronicle. On Tuesday, Lambda Legal and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of one of the families involved in the investigation. Anonymous subjects of the investigation include a state Child Protective Services employee who allegedly sought gender-affirming care for the family’s 16-year-old transgender daughter.

Last year, Republican lawmakers made targeting transgender youth a top priority. In October, Abbott signed a bill banning transgender youth from competing on sports teams that do not match the sex they were assigned at birth.

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