Tempo uses AI to improve your training

One of the best things about gyms is getting outside feedback. Whether it’s a training buddy counting your reps, a personal trainer improving your form, or a class full of people pushing you to keep up, it can all make your training more productive. Tempo uses AI to bring all of this into your home gym.

Tempo Studio’s freestanding mirror requires only 3 square feet of space (and no drilling in the walls). It uses 3D Tempo Vision™️ to suggest improvements to your form or recommend adding or removing weight from your lifts. Like competition of a class? Your membership includes access to recorded and live classes, the latter featuring a leaderboard so you can see how your training stacks up, with styles ranging from bodybuilding, boxing, yoga, HIIT , cardio, meditation, etc.

The Tempo Studio Starter is the all-in-one solution for beginner strength trainers, with a built-in display and 75 pounds of weight plates. Choose interest-free financing and pay as little as $52 per month, monthly subscription not included.

The Tempo Move uses your iPhone and TV to provide hands-on training in a lean package. It includes 35 pounds of weight plates, perfect for people looking to add strength training to their existing cardio routines. Currently, Tempo has reduced the price by $100 and extended its risk-free at-home trial to 60 days, AKA buy today to lock in those savings and test the Tempo Move for up to two months with no commitment.

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