TCB Exclusive: Community Music’s Lucas Cortazio Talks “Nothing He Cannot Do”

Rooted in Chicago’s Community Christian Church, led by Dave Ferguson, Community Music is made up of worship leaders from the church’s 11 campuses. Led by the Brazilian husband / wife team Lucas and Evelyn Cortazio since 2013, the collective is closely linked to NewThing, a church planting network created by Community Christian Church representing more than 3,000 congregations internationally. . Community Music recently presented “Nothing He Can’t Do”. The new song features Dove Award-winning Word Worship Music recording artist Meredith Andrews, as well as Community Music cult leaders Lucas and Evelyn Cortazio. In this TCB exclusive, Lucas talks with us about the heart of “Nothing He Can’t Do”, the similarities and differences between cult music in the US and Brazil, and how technology is creating new opportunities. amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congratulations on the recent release of “Nothing He Can’t Do”! Can you share some of the heart behind the single and how it came about?
Thank you so much! We believe that “Nothing that he cannot do” is an essential declaration of faith in Jesus. The song is an invitation to the Good News of the Gospel, that in Jesus we really find everything we need. In fact, Jesus is our biggest breakthrough. Our hope is that this prophetic prayer becomes a hymn for all of us who have sought the Lord for a breakthrough. Worship is our weapon and we will choose to bless his name each season. Our friend Jonathan Mason from Word Worship Music has set up a co-writing between us, Andrew Bergthold and Meredith Andrews. We spent four hours together praying, worshiping, and seeking the Lord, and the result was “Nothing He Cannot Do”.

What was the reaction to “Nothing he couldn’t do”? Are there any impact stories you can share?
Our church has adopted this song and it has become a hymn for us. We have heard stories from our congregation and other churches of how the song helped focus on the God of the Breakthrough, instead of just focusing on the Breakthrough itself.

What are your current musical and lyrical influences?
We have very eclectic musical tastes and are influenced by a variety of artists and ministries. In the realm of worship, we love Hillsong, Red Rocks Worship, Elevation, Upper Room, Bethel, Housefires and many more. We are often inspired by the life stories of those around us, various books and scriptures.

Since you are both originally from Brazil before moving to the United States, can you share some of the similarities and differences in cult music between the two countries?
Brazil is heavily influenced by the American cult music culture, as is the rest of the world. It’s also important to point out that we have experienced stylistic differences here in the United States, just as they exist across the world, and we should all celebrate them.
Brazilians are very passionate about our cult musical expression. As Brazilian Americans, we have learned the importance of structure and planning for churches here in the United States, which is often overlooked in Brazilian churches. Our hope is to connect these two worlds by bringing even more passion of worship to churches here in America, while also bringing excellence through structure and planning to Brazil.

You are closely associated with NewThing, a church planting network. Throughout your involvement, what have you found the most difficult and the most rewarding?
The biggest challenge for us has been the tension of honoring the past while paving the way for the future in the arts. Our biggest reward has been the relationships. We connected, were empowered, and learned from so many different people, both here in the United States and around the world. People are truly our greatest gift.

With all the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, how have you been able to find connections and live out your mission within the church?
Technology has played a huge role in our ability to stay connected and live out our mission as a church. This COVID-19 season has given us new opportunities, and we believe our church has done an incredible job not only to survive this season, but to thrive in it as well. Like most, we’ve had to adapt and be creative and intentional in how we care and connect with our community. We have launched an engagement team called Community Cares who regularly reach out to each person in our community for prayer, support and to meet their needs. It is undoubtedly a difficult season, but we believe the Church was made for a time like this.

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What are you expecting the most in the second half of 2020?
We are currently working on a new EP and are excited to release these songs in our church and beyond. We also look forward to seeing how the world church will continue to impact our communities with hope, healing, and love.

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