Spheal’s Community Day will be worthwhile for PvP players

Spheal and its final form Walrein are about to get a big update on Community Day in January 2022. The Pokemon Clap looks goofy, and its third form’s appearance is a cross between a walrus and a clown, but players should ignore the aesthetics as it will be a PvP staple thanks to the event running from 11am-5pm on January 1st. 16.

Trainers will have a high chance of catching a shiny version. The variant is distinguished by a distinct purple through the family line. The biggest news is that if players transform it into Walrein, the Ice Break Pokemon, the creature will get not one but two exclusive moves.

He will learn the Fast Move Powder Snow and the Charged Attack Icicle Spear. Both moves make Walrein a meta-changer in Go Battle League. Powder Snow is a great Fast Move that allows players to build up energy for stronger attacks such as Earthquake and Blizzard. On top of that, Icicle Spear seems to act like a pre-nerfed (ice) weather ball, according to an analysis by Reddit user JRE47. This makes it comparable to Body Slam.

With these two moves, he is part of the meta in all leagues, including the Master League despite his lower CP, according to JRE47’s analysis.

For PvP players, it is important to get an ideal Spheal for each league. A Great League Tier 1 Spheal would be 0-12-15 as long as their CP is below 1500 as Walrein. For the Ultra League, players should look for a 0-15-15 Spheal with low enough CP to be at 2,500 as Walrein. If they want to compete in the Master League, it’s best to have a perfect one with enough Candy XL to max it out.

The Spheal Community Day bonus is also great. Players will get triple capture XP. Combine that with a Lucky Egg and players will get a big boost on their way to level 50. lure.

As usual, it’s worth grabbing the Special Search Story for $1. Players usually receive good stardust and useful items. Meanwhile, the Community Day Box is OK with 50 Ultra Balls, five Super Incubators, five Lucky Eggs, and one Elite Fast TM. I would have recommended it if the box had the more valuable Elite Charged TM.

Finally, players will receive a free bundle containing 30 Ultra Balls if they need them.

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