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As the year draws to a close, I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who made our Breakfast with Roger and Friends program to become the fastest growing morning show in the world. Peoria radio. Royce Elliott and I started together on WOAM in 2002 with fun, humor, great regular guests like Pete Vonachen, Jim Maloof, Kevin Lyons, George Shadid, Mike Dentino and many more.

Sadly Royce passed away in 2013, but the program continued with a festival of talk and music along with the most comprehensive news, weather and sports reporting unmatched by local broadcast channels. Today, heard on WAZU FM 90.7, it features well-known personalities and community leaders like John Meisinger, Jim Bixby, Mike Olson, Phil Salzer, Mike Dentino, Teri Chamberlain and Dr Gene Sidler. Dr Sidler has been on the program since 2016. No station, radio or television, provided the volume and quality of viruses and other medical news like our morning show.

Regular guests with extraordinary knowledge and insight include defense attorney Kevin Sullivan, who provided an exclusive analysis of the Minneapolis murder trials in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Mackinaw and Peoria. Who knows government better than former Congressman Ray LaHood, another key guest. Colonel Dan McDonough, commander of the 182nd Airlift Wing, reports monthly on Air Guard activities here and around the world, as Colonel William Robertson then did. Former Navy Fighter Pilot Dick Crain, a graduate of Manual and Bradley University, is our source for wars in the Middle East and air travel in the United States.

The food and diet information comes from Brooke Bisbing Rush, registered dietitian at Hy-Vee. Certified Professional Counselor Mary Beth Cunningham of CAIM Counseling helps us face life’s challenges. Former teacher, coach and former president of the Peoria Teachers’ Federation, Terry Knapp, gives the only ‘live’ summary of Peoria School District board meetings. Sie Maroon of the Peoria Public Works Department regularly reports improvements in streets, flooding and snow conditions. And we have our own college-trained meteorologist, Kyle Varnold, a graduate of Northern Illinois University. Thanks to Kyle, who previously worked for the National Weather Bureau, our weather forecasts are accurate and timely. No one knows more about the weather. Ditto sport. John Meisinger, Mike Olson, Jim Bixby and Phil Salzer have played and / or coached sports at local high schools with over 100 years of experience.

As far as the news goes, I have done this and have been present at the WSIV, WPEO, WSWT, WJIL and the American Forces Network, Europe with an estimated audience of 55 million people. I served on the Peoria County Board of Directors for 22 years, was a member of the Zoning Appeal Board, Housing Appeal Board, and the Board of Directors of the Department of Health of the city ​​/ county of Peoria.

If this all sounds like a cheap take for “Breakfast with Roger and Friends,” it is. Let me add that each of the above people and others are true “friends”. I am grateful for their support. Thank you to everyone who has made a habit of joining us on the radio and on the Internet every day. God protects you.

Goodbye Claire

I would be remiss if I did not publicly thank the newspaper’s editor, Clare Howard. She took over as director of Community Word seven and a half years ago. She brought new life and community interest to the monthly publication. Today it has a wonderful format and a much wider distribution. I thank her for resisting calls for my column to be removed by those who believe in censoring anyone who opposes their views. Claire has become a friend. She and her husband leave, and the community also loses a friend. I wish them good luck, good fortune and a lot of happiness.

Pray for our country

When I was a little kid, I remember December 1941, when a boy from the Peoria Journal Transcript shouted, “Extra. Additional. The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. It was a major crisis affecting and infecting everyone in the country with the rationing of gasoline and food, the Victory Gardens, sirens and air raid guards, blackouts and more. . The children collected aluminum foil and newspapers to help with the war effort. Men and boys have been drafted and enlisted. Women took their place in factories and businesses while others joined the military. The country united and because of this we defeated the Japanese in the Pacific, the Germans and the Italians in Europe.

Today we face another conflict. The country has never been so divided since the civil war. With the support and encouragement of the media, things will get worse rather than better. It’s hard not to inject policy, but I won’t. We need less of this, rather than more. In these last days of 2021 when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, let us pray for the renewal of his presence. Pray for peace with one another. Pray for the elimination of the virus.

Quote of the month

“There is no justification for taking away an individual’s freedom in the name of public safety. – Thomas Jefferson

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