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December is an important month for football as the NFL heads towards the end of its season, but also college football ahead of bowl games, college football playoffs and National Signing Day.

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The Bear Report is an accredited point of sale located in Halas Hall, training and games giving you an overview of the Bears. They tell it as if it were with analytics, opinion pieces, movie reviews, rookie diaries, one-on-one interviews and more.

Publisher Zack Pearson took over The Bear Report in August 2018 and has built a team of contributors that continue to grow and provide valuable content to Bears fans. We have a very active and dedicated discussion forum filled with Bears fans from all over the world who love to talk about their favorite team.

With your annual premium subscription to the Bear Report, you get:

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Since its inception by former Bears linebacker Doug Buffone in the 1980s, Bear Report has been one of the premier sites for Chicago Bears cover.

As the media landscape has evolved, so have we, and to this day we always strive to provide the most in-depth coverage of Monsters of the Midway. Our total focus is the Bears and now we make a living serving you diehard Bears fans. We respond directly to YOU.

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