See what the SandStorm Sandbox community has built

The SandStorm community is dropping their exclusive NFT collection on The Sandbox marketplace tomorrow, February 28! The Largest Community of Verified Metaverse NFT Builders Presents 14 of Their Best Assets! Thus, weapons, characters and the work of the winners of the contest will be up for grabs!

The SandStorm community is auctioning off the best work of its metaverse builders! Credit: The Sandbox

Official SandStorm Community Collection at The Sandbox

SandStorm connects the biggest global brands with the best metaverse builders. It has its own marketplace, allowing creators to showcase their latest and greatest metaverse NFTs on Polygon or Ethereum. So the upcoming collection on The Sandbox will expand their reach and give them exposure.

The collection includes Storm Girl, portrayed as the cyberpunk Sandstorm superhero who protects the metaverse for all. Another character is SandStorm Duck, a duck who walked through a Sandstorm portal and was voxed into the metaverse. Collectors can also opt for the Astral Pilot, Steampunk Mechanic, or Cyberpunk Patroller. You can see the full collection on Builder Highlights for Pack #1.

Meanwhile, The Sandbox continues to bring the biggest names from different industries into the metaverse. Just this month, it announced a partnership with Ocean Park, Warner Music Group and cannabis company Creso Pharma. It also brings epic dance battles to the metaverse with Dancefight and welcomes Monsta’s Mad Mecha to its virtual world.

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