Samsung Galaxy S22 series poster leaked, release date changed

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series will launch earlier next year. The new Galaxy S trio will likely be unveiled in February following the silent reveal of the Galaxy S21 FE in January. The offering of the next-generation premium smartphone series looks almost ready. A source shared an exclusive first look at the official Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus poster. The picture tells us that the two models will be different from each other. The one on the left is the Galaxy S22 Ultra which could also be referred to as the Galaxy S22 Note. White is the Galaxy S22 +.

Our source (@BenGeskin) has also stated that the bronze color option will be back. It will be available for the Galaxy S22 Note. It will remind you a bit of the Galaxy Note 20 released in 2020.

The larger phone’s camera module shown in the poster is P-shaped, as we said last week. The photo matches most of the images and renderings disclosed.

The Galaxy S22 Plus’s camera system will only have three cameras and a flash. The design is similar to that of the Galaxy S21 series.

Regarding the market release, Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) said the dates for the phone series have been moved. The pre-order of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will begin on February 9, 2022. Market release will take place on February 25. There might be a little delay due to a huge supply chain problem.

Expect more details to surface. In a few months, we will be able to confirm if the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones are all glass, if the Ultra camera has macro function, or if the phones will not offer SD card support. We will see.

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