Pokémon GO: Shinx Community Day Guide


Shinx is hosting its own dedicated Pokemon Go Community Day. These tips and tricks will help players prepare for Shinx Community Day.

Shinx is the Pokémon that takes over the community day from November to Pokémon Go. The community day was a must in Pokémon Go for many years. On just one day per month, a Pokémon is placed in the spotlight for three to six hours at a time. Its respawn rate is then greatly increased and lucky players can encounter its shining form. Community Day is often an opportunity for Niantic to introduce shiny new Pokémon into the game. This Pokémon will also learn an exclusive move to evolve in the timeline of Community Day. For November, players will be able to participate in a Shinx Community Day.

Shinx Community Day will take place on Sunday, November 21 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. This gives players six hours to complete whatever they need. Shiny odds are also increased during Community Day for Shinx. Players will have a 1/25 chance to find its Shiny form. It’s incredibly common for players to have duplicate Shinies at the end of the event.

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During community days at Pokémon Go, there will be active event bonuses. Players can expect 1/4 hatch distance and three hours of incense and decoy mods, which typically only last one. These tips and tricks will help players make the most of their time during Shinx Community Day. While six hours seems like a lot, there is still a lot players can miss if they don’t prepare.

Make the most of Shinx Community Day in Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO's November 2021 Community Day chooses Shinx

  • Capture more shiny Pokémon: While players only need three Shiny Shinxes to complete the collection, be sure to save a few to save for later. Pokémon Go is a social game, which means other players might be interested in this Shiny Shinx. This can be useful for down the line trading.
  • The quick catch trick: This is a trick that allows players to skip the capture animation when they catch a Pokemon. This saves a lot of time between encounters, allowing players to invest that time in finding more shiny Pokémon.
  • Flash, spark, glow: This is the paid special research that players can perform during Community Day. It offers players bonus tasks throughout the day to keep them invested, all focused on Shinx and his evolving line. It costs $ 1 to purchase.
  • Transfers of beacons beforehand: Niantic is giving x3 players the Transfer Candy to transfer Pokémon during this event. Players should go through their Pokémon list and mark all Pokémon that they are comfortable with the transfer. This candy can be used to make other Pokémon stronger or even evolve them. Players also have the option to farm x4 XL Candy in Pokémon Go.
  • Psychic fangs: It’s a new Pokémon Go move makes its debut on this community day. Players will be able to evolve Luxio during the event or up to two hours after in order to learn this movement. It has a potency of 40 and is guaranteed to lower the defense of opposing Pokémon during Trainer Battles.
  • Free Pokéballs: Players will be able to visit the in-game store during the event and pick up a bundle of 30 Ultra Balls. This package is completely free.
  • Incubate the eggs: With the hatching distance being a quarter of what it was before, be sure to incubate as many eggs as possible. Players can place their 2km eggs to get rid of them quickly or put a 10km egg in to save time. It is an efficient way to hatch eggs in Pokémon Go. Either way, use this limited discount.

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  • The brilliant hunt: If players are focused on collecting as many Shiny Shinxs as possible, they should shy away from any non-shining encounter. While players don’t gain the benefits of catching Pokémon like XP or Candy, it will save them time to find more Shinx Shinx. Their spawn rates are already increased during the event.
  • Premium community day box: Players can purchase a special Community Day Box for 1,280 PokeCoins. It will include 50 Ultra Balls, four Incense, four Star Pieces and an Elite ChargedTM. Overall, this article does not appear to be worth the investment in PokeCoins. For many of these items, players can earn for free by playing the game or completing special or limited research tasks. Players would be better off spending their PokeCoins on cosmetic items or increasing Pokemon Box storage in Pokémon Go.
  • Candy crushing: Players looking to create a powerful Luxray should crush as much candy as possible. Candy can be used to power a Pokémon, thereby increasing its total CP and level. Each capture of a Shinx will reward the player with three candies. Using a Pinap Berry quickly doubles that number with each encounter. Players can also hatch Shinx eggs with the hatch distance cut off. hatching eggs in Pokémon Go yields more candy than catching Pokémon, so be sure to refill incubators often. Players will need hundreds of Shinx Candy to bring Luxray to its maximum stats.
  • Check before transferring: While players are busy capturing Shinx, it is common for players to forget that Pokemon has their own individual stats. If players are heading to their menus, they can tap their Pokémon and choose Evaluate. This will give it a rating between zero and four stars. If the Pokémon has four stars, it means it’s perfect. It has the potential to achieve the highest stats of any Pokémon of this type. Be sure to check if any three to four star Shinx have been captured before transferring them. To save time, players can go to the search bar at the top and enter “4 *” and the game will only filter Pokémon with four stars. These Pokémon are incredibly rare, so save them and power them up whenever they appear.

Pokemon Go players should also take snapshots throughout the day. In the player’s bag he will find a camera. There is a chance that a Shinx will make an appearance and photobomb the image. Normally this is how players can catch a Smergle in Pokémon Go, but for Community Day, this is another mechanic to play with. November is also the release date of the next Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes, a game from which Shinx originated. Players must register a Shiny Shinx to transfer it to Pokémon House, the cloud-based storage system for storing Pokemon. The remake’s release date is only two days before Shinx Community Day. Players can add Shinx to their two Pokémon Go and Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny pearl experiences with this community day.

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Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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