One-year PlayStation Plus subscription will be discounted on Black Friday

Sony is offering a discount on its online games subscription service this Black Friday, reducing the price of the one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus.

One-year subscriptions for Sony Playstation plus The subscription service will be reduced on Black Friday, with offers being offered at several different outlets. PlayStation Plus is Sony’s online game subscription service that simultaneously offers game downloads and online multiplayer access to PlayStation consoles. The service offers a constant list of games like Days Gone and Batman: The Knight of Arkham included in subscription fees, as well as a rotating roster of new games each month. Sony is offering PlayStation Plus for around $ 5 per month with the one-year subscription, but PlayStation owners will be able to take advantage of a reduced price very soon.


While PlayStation Plus’s consistent roster of games can already be considered a raffle, many subscribers are more interested in the monthly games that arrive on the first Tuesday of each month. The November 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup has been bolstered by the 5e anniversary of PSVR, with Sony launching VR hits like Until you fall, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, and Persistence, alongside its usual three-game lineup. November subscribers can download the VR titles and City KO, Kingdoms of Amalur: recalculate, and First class problem throughout the month.

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According to Rant, Black Friday ads show some retailers are offering one-year PlayStation Plus memberships at a discounted rate. Walmart’s Black Friday ad says the retailer is offering the subscription from $ 59.99 to $ 39.99, a discount of $ 20. Target also offers Sony’s online gaming service for the same discounted rate. A leak also suggested that, like last year, the PlayStation Store will have its own sale, which will offer PS Plus at the same 33% discount from November 19 to 29. It was suggested that the deal would be offered worldwide.

PlayStation Plus Black Friday Discount

A Black Friday sale is not uncommon for PlayStation Plus, as the subscription service has seen discounts on several different holidays throughout the year, as well as years in the past. For fans looking to take advantage of the discount, it is possible to purchase multiple PlayStation Plus subscriptions at the same time, subscribing to the service at the reduced price of $ 39.99 for several years in advance. Considering that PS Plus subscribers have received over $ 1,900 worth of PlayStation titles this year, the discounted price may be considered quite attractive to some.

PlayStation Plus should not be confused with PS Now, Sony’s game streaming subscription service. PS Plus is primarily aimed at offering subscribers the ability to play online multiplayer on their PlayStation console, although free-to-play games like Fortnite and war zone do not require a PS Plus subscription. Conversely, PS Now offers an ever-growing library of games that can be streamed without downloading them to a PlayStation console. The PS Now service can be more closely compared to Xbox Game Pass, while PlayStation Plus is closer to something like Nintendo Online or the previous Xbox Gold service.

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