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Discover five ways Nike creates an in-depth, comprehensive, and tailored shopping experience for Nike members.

Source: Digital Benefits of Nike Membership

I’ll keep this one short as I touched on the subject in previous posts. Nike is a machine; a beautifully, ruthless and designed combination of product, software, logistics and presentation. In the post above, the company is creating content that explains their method of engaging, educating, and retaining their fans. When they discuss the digitally shaped brick and mortar rollout it reminds me of a fact, Nike won’t stop deleting accounts from mom and pop stores, small chains or big retail stores. Branding by design will encroach on accounts in good standing. They will do so under the cover of Covid and Supply Chain constraints.

I said I would make it short. Think of it as a business writing prompt. Nike’s continued growth is heading towards a consumer that I have long said is an urban retail divide. The underbanked and unbanked consumer has not yet been integrated into the digital landscape. Retailers who can figure it out spend so much time trying to adjust to Nike’s demands and changes that they haven’t really considered how much money is left on the table. As Nike continues to evolve, the only threat left to the brand comes from the family chain, but more specifically from urban accounts that can thrive on clothing and have the capacity to quickly introduce the next trend.

Nike’s line of store concepts – House of Innovation, Rise, Live and Unite – are designed to uniquely serve individual communities while simultaneously reflecting a different perspective of the business, from HOI storefronts to Unite doors that are built on the style and energy of the local scene. For example, in Seoul, the Nike Rise gate has a City Replay area showcasing popular local products. In Brooklyn, New York, Nike Live by Williamsburg features quirky, colorful artwork that suits the neighborhood’s art scene, and the store is partnering with Williamsburg businesses like Buddies Coffee and Northside Bakery to support local entrepreneurs. .

The writing prompt / food for serious thought

In the quote from Nike’s discussion of digital advantages, they list their store concepts and how they have integrated into communities. The gap, the cash customer, underbanked and unbanked were not considered. They are not supported. Shock drops, digital raffles, resale, all removed the possibility for this sneaker fan to acquire coveted shoes and clothing. How will the family footwear channel and urban accounts adjust and capture this segment before Nike recognizes its few weaknesses?

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