Mod Websites Remove ‘Spider-Man’ Game Mod That Removed Pride Flags

A mod that removes Spider-Man RemasteredRainbow Pride flags and replacing them with American flags have now been removed from the Nexus Mods themselves. The popular video game modding website wasn’t shy about its decision either, firmly affirming its stance in favor of diversity and inclusivity while condemning the uploader as a “coward”.

“It was very clearly deliberately made to be a troll mod,” Nexus Mods wrote in a well-written blog post on Wednesday. “The fact that the user needed to make a sock puppet like a coward to download the mod showed their intent to troll and they knew it wouldn’t be allowed.”

Nexus Mods said the Spider Man The Pride Flag replacement mod had been uploaded by a new account created by someone who already had a primary account on the website. He also used the name “Mike Hawk” (a homophone for “my dick”) providing further evidence that the mod was likely deliberately designed to antagonize others. As such, Nexus Mods considered it a simple decision to suspend both accounts.

“As a private company, we have the right to choose what content we host and do not wish to host on our platform,” Nexus Mods wrote, clearly and correctly dismissing any potential censorship claims. “Respect this right the same way you want your rights respected.”

Mods are fan-made content that, when installed, changes certain elements of an official video game. Frequently shared with other players, mods can alter everything from scenarios to a character’s appearance. These are often fun changes, like putting Thomas the Tank Engine in a fantasy game Skyrimor add new furniture options to The Sims.

Unfortunately, as demonstrated today, mods can also be used for less wholesome, more deliberately adversarial purposes. Nexus Mods has made it clear that they have neither the time nor the patience for such mods.

“[W]We are for inclusivity, we are for diversity,” Nexus Mods wrote. “If we believe someone is uploading a mod to our site with the intent to be deliberately against inclusivity and/or diversity , we will take action against this. The same goes for people who attempt to troll other users with mods deliberately to cause an increase.”

“We do not want to and will not discuss this with you,” Nexus Mods wrote. “If you mind this policy, if we have violated a moral code of conduct as a business that you cannot accept, then please delete your account…and move on, as we will. “

Nexus Mods isn’t the only mod database website to remove the mod. As noted Gamer on PCModDB has also taken action against the Spider-Man Remastered flag mod, also banning the users involved.

“ModDB is an inclusive environment for all and we do not allow targeting of marginalized groups,” the official ModDB Twitter said. “Our content moderation is largely automated but where identified, we have a zero tolerance policy for this type of content.”

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