Metaverse and Web3 Coin Monavale (MONA) Price Up 54% As DAO Membership NFTs Announcement

The top earning Metaverse cryptocurrency today is none other than Monavale (MONA). Gaining over 54% in the last 24 hours, it is clear that the market is excited about this token. Let’s look at Monavale and its MONA token and see why the price is rising so much today.

What is Monavale (MONA)?

Launched in December 2020, Monavale (MONA) is a CC0 (Creative Commons) compatible Web3 mode and the open metaverse. It has a fully decentralized, self-contained and forkable protocol stack for the metaverse.

Monavale (MONA) is the main token of the DIGITALAX platform and ecosystem. It offers multiple marketplaces including physical fashion, digital fashion, and Metaverse store designs.

Fashion NFTs include DeFi staking functionality, a 3D source file, and a unique Fractional Garment Ownership (FGO) system. Each 721 NFT has a balance of 1155 NFTs under the 998 variant standard. This makes NFTs interoperable in the metaverse.

The DIGITALAX community is made up of developers, modders, designers, gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and more. The team maintains a regular schedule of active communication and is easily reachable via several social networks.

The great principle of the community is decentralization. According to the official whitepaper:

“The team took a 0% allocation of all tokens launched through the ecosystem for the highest integrity launch.”

For users looking to earn rewards on their MONA tokens, we recommend checking out the DIGITALAX staking dashboard which users can log into via a web3 wallet like MetaMask.

Holders of the MONA and W3F token can stake these coins for significant rewards while waiting for the next crypto bull run.

DIGITALAX is the leading independent fashion NFT platform, and if you’re looking to support independent artists and are a fan of the COO movement, Monavale is a must watch in April 2022 and beyond.

Why is the price of Monavale increasing?

One of the possible reasons for the recent 50% price hike could be a blog post published today, April 12, announcing the CC0 DAO Membership NFTs. Users can join the CC0 DAO by purchasing an NFT subscription on the DIGITALAX Patrons platform or by contributing to the DAO through the CC0 NFT auction or other sales events.

Check out this YouTube trailer for the recent announcement:

The team also recently posted a FUD FAQ on April 11, where the team discussed the future of the Web3 and NFT market and mentioned some current events in the industry.

Additionally, DIGITALAX released its March Transparency Report on March 31, outlining project expenses, which are quite modest when it comes to running a DAO, and development operations.

With a current market capitalization of $4.7 million, MONA is heavily undervalued given that the DIGITALAX project has a robust NFT market, staking dashboard, DAO governance and fantastic indie art.

You can buy MONA on Uniswap (V2) or on the Bancor network.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying Metaverse crypto coins.

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