How to win the lottery, is there a formula? microcredits and personal loans

What would you do if you hit the lottery? We all dream of earning a good sum of money that allows us to fulfill some of those dreams that only money can grant: a trip, a house or starting a business, for example.

But unfortunately there is no magic formula to get rich. Many people have tried to create formulas through complex mathematical algorithms , without success so far. We must accept that the lottery is in the hands of chance , when we choose a number the luck is cast.

However, there are several tricks to increase the chances of winning. Here are some of them.

Let yourself get the intuition of how to win the lottery.

Let yourself get the intuition of how to win the lottery.

In gambling the intuition of the person plays a very important role, since the final result will only be marked by chance. Almost everyone plays the numbers they like best, although it is also important to pay attention to the pulpits, dreams or simple intuitions.

Increase your tickets.


It is a recommendation that at first glance seems very logical, but it is the most effective, since the more participations you have for a game, the more chances you have of having the winning result. Therefore, instead of playing the lottery on a regular basis we recommend that you bet more tickets to a single game , in that particular game your chances of winning will be multiplied by the number of participations you have.

Play in a group.

Get together with your friends, family, coworkers or neighbors and put some money each to buy the stake . In case of winning, you will receive less than if you played only because the prize must be distributed among all those who participated, however the cost per participation will be lower and you can play continuously repeatedly. The more times you play the more chances of winning you will all have and, in addition, paying in groups is easier to participate regularly.
It is important that each participant always have a cup of the participation number , so that everyone can consult it and to avoid possible confusion in case of winning a prize.

Strategic numbers.

Strategic numbers.

There are many statisticians who have studied the frequency with which each number appears in the lottery games, however the results are purely mathematical. However, the fact that one number or another comes out is also influenced by external factors, therefore it is advisable to play those numbers that come out more frequently , because following that logic, there could be more chances of it coming out again.

Invest in small games.

Small shares such as scratch cards involve a lower investment , so the risk of playing is lower as well. It is true that the prizes are not as high as in the national lottery, but it is also true that the amount of prizes distributed is much higher. Even if you win just to finance your next card, it will have already been profitable for you.

Plan your investment in lottery.


Stipulate a fixed budget of how much money you want to invest in the lottery , in this way you will avoid getting out of hand. And if you win some prizes, keep them to continue investing in other participations, trying not to touch your main source of income.

Plan your withdrawal on time.

Gambling is highly addictive, especially when the person begins to win and savor the benefits of playing, but it is important to remember that this game is a matter of chance, just as you win you can lose it. Therefore, planning a withdrawal from the game after having won several prizes will be the smartest decision to truly enjoy the money won , without eventually investing it again in games that you may never win.



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