Here are 5 Chrome Tab Groups Alternatives to Easily Save and Recall Websites

For the past few years, I’ve accidentally fallen in love with Google Chrome’s Tab Groups feature. Anything color-coded to organize my life is just an OCD childhood dream come true, and the company has it in spades. From labels to folders, and everything in between, you could say that I’ve somewhat “over-organized” my life.

Still, tab groups are an endearing feature that I’ve spent a lot of time using since they were released in 2020. You can check out all of my coverage on them if you’re a fan too. However, not everyone is a fan, and some would prefer to use other third-party tools to store and recall information for later. You might be a fan of the good old trustworthy bookmark system, and I respect that, but I’m a little too stubborn and forward-thinking to use what has worked for decades. So here are five alternatives to Chrome’s tab groups that will give you the same or similar functionality without having to rely on Google to do the job.

Before you start, just keep in mind that some of these alternatives will have features that Tab Groups just don’t like to store and display groups on a New Tab page. Google was working on the ability to host your tab group collections in the “Reading List” section of the side panel, but this has been abandoned. In other cases, tab groups will have features these don’t have, such as the ability to search and access them from the browser’s tab search function. My advice is to decide for yourself which features are most important to you and go from there!

Important: All extensions discussed today (except “Toby for Chrome” and “Workona” have followed the Chrome Web Store’s “Privacy Practices” policy and disclosed that they will not collect or use your data personal!

Extending Tab Groups

Most similar to Tab Groups, this “Tab Groups Extension” is generically named, but is an almost unique alternative to Google’s offering! If you don’t want to rely on the big G for functionality (even though you’re probably using the Chrome browser), then this one is a great way to get the same benefits!

The only difference I can see is that an overview of all your tabs and groups appears in a popup that can be easily managed. Keep in mind that to this day Google is still dragging its feet on the ability to save tab groups for later, so is apparently light years ahead of the search giant. .

Toby tab manager

Quite possibly my favorite browser tab manager, Toby for Chrome was my first love when it came to going beyond bookmarks. Not only does saving things for later actually work, it works really well. Chrome’s New Tab Page (NTP) is replaced by a Toby management dashboard where you can group tabs, label them, drag and drop items, and more. It’s beautiful, functional and efficient. Over everything else on this list, I’d recommend giving it a try first.

The only thing it doesn’t do well is visually “group” tabs into the browser header like Chrome’s offering does. In that way, it’s technically not a “tab groups extension”, but in the sense that it groups them together to store and launch them all at once at a later time or date, it certainly is the case.

As you probably saw earlier in this article, Toby is the only extension listed here today that collects and uses personal information. If you’re concerned about how the company will use your data, I’d avoid this one, but if you’re looking for the best tab manager and after reading their privacy policy, decide that how they’ve chosen to Using them doesn’t bother you so much or alarm you, so I’d say give it a try.

Tabox – Save and share groups of tabs

Tabox is touted by its reviewers as the most powerful tab group manager, and its developer, Tabox, is quick to respond to feedback. It shares the same popup box for managing your tabs as the first extension discussed today, with the difference of being able to sync them to the cloud and use them across your devices.

To do this, Tabox stores your tab groups in your Google Drive account, which I seriously think Google itself could learn from. If the company used its popular account sync feature to show existing groups on your phone, Chromebook, desktop, etc., it would still be my top choice, but Tabox looks very appealing in light of this feature.

Oh, and here’s a nice perk – you can share tab collections with your friends and family. Plus, you can import and export your collections, drag and drop them to rearrange them, and more.

Workona Tab Manager

Every time I do articles on extensions I have a handful of you contacting me and telling me I should cover Workona, but I keep forgetting. Today this one is for you! Workona is very similar to Toby, not only in that it is a complete tab management dashboard for the New Tab page, but also in that it collects some data.

To be fair, it only collects your browser history to narrow tab groups for later, while Toby collects almost everything and seems to want your firstborn too. I like Toby, but I don’t really like it about it. Workona lets you organize your tabs into “workspaces” based on the projects you lead or participate in, lets you use your workspaces on multiple devices via a backup and restore feature, and more !

As you can probably tell already, this one is more focused on being a management tool for businesses and not so much for individuals, but I’ve used it very well for the latter and I think you can too. If you want to use it for your organization, small team, or large business, a Chrome Web Store reviewer says it best when he says Workona is in a league of its own and I’m inclined to agree!

There are many tools that claim to organize your tabs. The problem is that they don’t solve the fundamental problem, how can you organize your thinking and increase your overall productivity. Although Workona is technically a browser extension, I think it belongs more in the category of productivity tools. Companies and teams should consider adopting it at all levels.

Michael Brauman, Chrome Online Store Review

Group tabs

If you’re ok with missing out on all the save-for-later tab groups and just want a lightweight extension that lets you group tabs together without Google getting so involved, then I’ve got something to check out. Named “Group Tabs”, this minimalist add-on does exactly what it says just like Google does. Make no mistake, there’s a little more to it.

Group tabs has the ability to automatically create a group of tabs from tabs that are on the same domain or website! It ignores subdomains though, which is a mystery to me, but ok. Another thing you might not like is that if a tab exists as the only one in its domain and is installed on your browser, it will be placed in its own tab group.

Tab groups are meant to be “clustered”, but with one tab in said group, that kinda defeats the purpose unless you’re so mindful of organization. To each their own, I guess, but it works as advertised and respects your privacy, so it might add some extra spice to your life if you decide to check it out.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, there are countless tab group extensions you can check out on the Chrome Web Store, and I encourage you to do so. Just be aware enough before installing anything to check the Privacy Practices tab and make sure the developer isn’t out to sell your data.

If you stick with Google’s Chrome Tab Groups feature, which in itself is pretty straightforward, you can always enable it with something like “Auto-Collapse Tab Groups”, which automatically collapses any groups that are not targeted. It’s always worth finding cool new add-ons to extend what Google has to offer, and it can be fun too. Good hunt!

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