German soccer team urge fans to provide proof after trouble – RT Sport News

Joining the Bundesliga in Cologne prompted fans to send photos and video clips to a special police ‘evidence portal’ and help them determine the causes of the problem who are responsible for the violence that has taken place. is produced ahead of a Europa Convention League match at Good this week.

Due to clashes at the French team’s Allianz Riviera stadium, 32 people were injured, including two police officers and a steward, and kick-off was delayed by almost an hour.

While French prosecutors have opened an investigation, UEFA have opened a disciplinary case which includes eight charges against Good and three against Cologne.

As confirmed by the West German members, the Cologne police have set up an “evidence portal” where images or films of incidents can be uploaded.

“On each side, it was a small minority of less than 100 people who precipitated the violent events across the stadium,” insisted Cologne chief executive Christian Keller.

“More than 7,900 of FC’s 8,000 fans have nothing to do with violence,” he added, although the touring contingent from Cologne is mentioned as having started the difficulty.

Keller pointed out that the violent scenes were “particularly regrettable” because the German side had identified “dangers and shortcomings” in the local authorities’ security plan ahead of the game which ended 1-1.

“Unfortunately, these warnings, which had not been heeded, were confirmed during the day, when French hooligans attacked FC Cologne supporters in the city and across the stadium”, Keller asserted.

Defending his corner, French government regional administrator Bernard Gonzalez said German fans started drinking alcohol early Thursday morning in bars in downtown Good.

While these “most in danger” should have been placed in a safe in part of the Allianz Riviera, they managed to break free to hitch up Parisian thugs and sparked the violence that Gonzalez also alluded to.

Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain condemned the violence as soon as it emerged fans representing a group of banned ultras had played a role in the clashes.

This weekend, Good returns to action with a Ligue 1 game away to Ajaccio while Cologne host Union Berlin at home.

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