Family drama is real after using DNA testing websites

“So my bio-uncle did DNA sequencing last year as some kind of weird Christmas present, and let me tell you, if you’re racist this is the kind of thing you should be doing. to fix your personality real fast or never do it because you are going to be upset.

My biological mom hates All Brown People. It’s remarkably silly because we’re part Hawaiian, and in Hawaii, mixed race relationships were / are SUPER DUPER COMMON. Apparently Bio-Grandma kept this on the low and maintained that we were “pure native Hawaiians” and also “royal blood”. (No.)

So the results returned, and with slightly comedic predictability, made it clear that not only were we not ‘Purely native Hawaiian’ we had recent African, South American, Japanese and Korean ancestors, as well as native Hawaiians and Irish (the biological grandfather was Irish and the reason I look like Moana with a color swapped with Belle).

Well. Bio-Mom believes in the one-drop rule and was raised in rural Tennessee garbage. (Bio-grandmother was born in Hawaii, married a serviceman, and transferred to Tennessee.) The collapse she had upon finding out she had about 90% “inferior genetic material, and not even really Homo sapiens “(I swear, damn it’s a nightmare) was enough to get her dropped for 72 hours.

Now I had a bit of a rough childhood, because my foster mom was an alcoholic, but I was only dealing with a narcissist having an affair with Two Buck Chuck, and not that kind of shit. I haven’t really spoken with any of them since. “—U / OurLadyOfTheChickens

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