Esports Membership Claims Valorable TEC Challenger Collection

Due to the release of Valorant, the sport has been transformed into one of India’s most notable esports titles. In addition to the sports tournaments that take place every year, players can be fully competitive against the most efficient players in the world. Among these tournaments is the TEC/Esports Membership Challenger collection. The TEC Challenger Collection is one of the largest Valorant championships in the Southeast Asia region.

An attractive TEC Challenger Collection plan has been put in place.

The Collection of Challengers (TEC) will hold two simultaneous Qualifying Qualifiers: the South Asian Qualifier (Saasi) and the South East Asian Qualifier (Saasi). The strongest 4 groups in SA q will increase in squad level, the top 4 teams in SA q will move up in squad level, while the 2nd group together with two guest groups will take the four first of the MER q. will progress in terms of the workforce.

The eight teams compete in a round-robin tournament. The top 4 members of the workforce group will advance to the Games. The group will compete in accordance with the split limit for singles from the other two groups in a second-tier one-six. From the Grand Final of the Playoffs, the winner of this final will decide the winner of the competition.


The streak contains a hefty prize pool of thirty thousand dollars. The winner receives seven thousand dollars and the winner seven thousand dollars. 3rd and 4th class receive $35,000. Additionally, the top eight groups that qualify for the SEA and SA qualifiers receive a maximum of $500 each.


The TS will start on September 29 and end on October 3. SEA Final Qualifiers begin September 30 and end October 3. After an afternoon of leisure, the manpower level starts at fifth and eventually starts at fifth.

Starting October 11, the top 4 groups will compete in the Playoffs, with the event ending on October 13.


Registration for the Qualifiers on the Esports Club website has already started. Groups can check the game on the legitimate webpage and complete the HS Qualifiers form. Second, Closed SEA Qualifiers may not be among the many people mentioned above.

The TEC Challenger collection, with the huge prize pool, provides an extraordinary opportunity for all Valorant groups to show off their skills unlike the aforementioned communities. Fans can watch developments survive The Esports Membership’s legitimate channel on YouTube and Loco, very similar to previous tournaments.


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