Disney is considering an Amazon Prime-like membership program

Disney is exploring ways to bundle its parks, streaming services and merchandise into a membership program that could offer discounts to fans, while encouraging them to spend more.

The the wall street journal reports that the entertainment giant is in the early stages of modeling an Amazon Prime-like program. The price of the service and a possible launch date are not known.

In addition to boosting consumer spending, the program would give Disney a treasure trove of insight into customer habits, from which they watch the rides they enjoy at Disney parks. This could help with targeted advertising on Disney+, among new merchandise offerings, and at the parks themselves.

Disney is also reportedly considering adding benefits beyond its own holdings, such as discounts on Disney shows on Broadway.

The proposed loyalty program will be separate from D23, an existing club for Disney’s most loyal fans. Membership in this program costs up to $130 per year. Members get access to exclusive merchandise and special events, such as park ride previews and free movie screenings.

As discussion continues on the Amazon Prime-like program, Disney is also working on adding a commerce feature to Disney+ that would allow subscribers to purchase program-related merchandise on the streamer via a QR code at the screen that will link to the Shop Disney website. This feature could be available as soon as this year.

Prime has been a huge driver for Amazon. Last April, the service had 200 million subscribers. A similar service from Disney, whose fanbase is much more passionate about its services, could be massive. In less than three years, the company’s streaming service has amassed an audience of 221 million, surpassing longtime streaming king of the hill Netflix.

In the most recent quarter, revenue for Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products division jumped to $7.4 billion from $4.3 billion a year earlier.

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