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The leadership of the apex Ijaw social cultural group, the National Ijaw Congress (INC) inaugurated its National Representative Council (NRC).
The Tide has learned that the INC’s National Representative Council was one of the bodies set aside for institutionalization by its constitution.
In his opening speech at the ceremony held at the INC Secretariat in Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa State, INC President Prof. Benjamin Ogelekeme Okaba described the Ijaws as an ethnic group naturally endowed with natural and human resources. .
He noted that it was high time for the Ijaw to start taking their destiny into their own hands.
Following recent agitations by other ethnic nationalities in the country to chart a new course, the Ijaw cannot be left out, hence the inauguration of the representative council.
According to him, the council, together with the National Executive Council (NEC) and other organs of the body, would accelerate the processes of better unification and rapid socio-economic transformation, development and self-determination of Ijaw land.
The National Representative Council (NRC) of the Ijaw National Congress functions as its legislative body, although there were indications that it would also perform functions relating to the approval of INC appropriations as well as checks on the national plan. executive board of the body, respectively.
The INC President, who also said that plans have reached advanced stages for the body under his leadership to provide Ijaws with a scientific map of all Ijaw communities, noted that his leadership has since engaged the services of mapping consultants to achieve this feat as soon as possible. possible future, saying that the INC would continue to partner with other brotherly ethnic groups in and around the Niger Delta region and beyond to save the people of the region from oppression and all forms socio-economic and political deprivation.
“I am indeed delighted to warmly welcome you to this unique occasion which marks an important milestone in our corporate efforts to reposition, recalibrate and strengthen the congress as a whole, to fulfill our core mandate to defend, promote and protect the Ijaw identity, unity, unification and solidarity Ijaw freedom from political, economic and social injustices and pursue the Ijaw cause of self-determination to its logical conclusion.
“While on behalf of the NEC I humbly and profusely apologize for the delay in setting up this very important body of Congress for reasons that were clearly beyond our control, I would like to congratulate you on your well appointed appointment. deserved either as statutory members or representatives of your respective clans and chapters, as bona fide members of the NRC We are optimistic that you all possess the content, character, experience and commitment required to deliver sacrificial services to our homeland and, through due diligence, living up to the expectations of our people, who are in desperate need of positive change in our existential realities.
“It may interest you to note that the current National Executive Council under my leadership has made substantial progress in meeting the need for a composite Ijaw territory, the preparation of a scientifically distilled cartographic map and the launch of the app online Ijaw set for May 14, 2022 as one of the events marking our first anniversary,” he said.
Outlining the functions of the National Representative Council, INC National Secretary, Eng. Epipamowei Wodu said the council would, among other things, provide forums for deliberations on all matters of concern to the Ijaw nation, approve the annual budget of Congress, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the annual budget by the national executive council of the Ijaw. ‘INC, as well as to summon any officer of the national congressional body to explain any matter relating to his efficiency or loyalty in the performance of his duties.
Wodu mentioned that the other functions of the NRC were the removal of any member of the executive branch of congress in accordance with the INC constitution, the recommendation of worthy Ijaw sons and daughters who have distinguished themselves in various fields for national Ijaw honors , the approval of the program of activities of the national convention each year, the discussion and adoption of resolutions on any matter of urgent interest to the Ijaw nation, as well as initiating questions and mandating any body of the congress to deal with such matters for the benefit of all Ijaws with any person or group of persons, governments, parastatals and businesses within or outside Nigeria.
The Tide reports that the INC’s new National Representative Council (NRC), whose members are drawn from the INC’s three zones, clans and chapters, saw a Rivers-Ijaw-born zone member and l East of the INC, Prince (Dr) Anyanate Kio emerged as Chief, while Princess Adesola Ebiseni of the West Zone was sworn in as Deputy Chief, while Mr. Gabriel Pinasidor Benamaisia ​​of the central zone landed the position of NRC Registrar, respectively.
Meanwhile, in his inaugural address, the newly sworn-in Head of the National Representative Council (NRC) of the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Prince (Dr) Kio commended the body for finding him worthy to serve as Head of file in his current position, pledging his continued desire to partner with the INC’s National Executive Council (NEC) and other well-meaning sons and daughters of the Ijaw Nation to advance ethnic nationality.

By: Ariwera Ibibo-Howells, Yenagoa

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