China bans minors from idol groups, talent TV shows, fan club events

What’s new: The Communist Party department that oversees China’s strict content controls on Thursday issued a notice prohibiting minors from participating in idol groups, talent contests and offline fan club activities.

The Publicity Department’s opinion is part of a broader government morality campaign and follows a similar notification issued by the National Radio and Television Administration on the same day. banning “unpatriotic” and “unethical” stars.

The notice (link in Chinese), released by the state-run Xinhua News Agency, said the entertainment industry remained plagued by problems, including excessively high salaries paid to stars, tax evasion, an excessive focus on audience and traffic and a “chaotic” fan culture.

He added that some in the entertainment industry with “low political culture, low legal awareness and low moral values” have a bad influence on young people and “seriously pollute social morality.”

He also called for tougher penalties for actors who engage in illegal or unethical behavior, as well as demanding online platforms to better manage registered accounts and fan communities and prevent web traffic fraud.

The background: From celebrities to fan groups, the Chinese government has tightened its control over the entertainment industry following a series of scandals involving stars.

The crackdown on online celebrity fan clubs follows criticism by state media of their influence over minors, as well as harassment and verbal abuse that takes place among fan groups.

Meanwhile, high-profile scandals have led to popular celebrities including Kris wu, Zhang zhehan and Zheng shuang losing sponsorship deals and their work being taken down on various platforms.

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