Anglesey community’s ‘beating heart’ pub is sold

THE BULL in Beaumaris was sold following the retirement of its owner after 35 years at the head of the place.

Owners Keith Rothwell and David Robertson took over the site in 1987, having previously run The Seahorse restaurant at Y Felinheli.

The duo have transformed the inn, which dates back to 1472, offering luxury accommodation, fine dining and a modern design that has retained the inn’s nostalgic charm.

The hostel has won numerous awards, including Wales’ best pub in 2018.

With Keith having already retired and David announcing his own departure, the pub will be taken over by The Inn Collection Group, which David described as “vibrant and exclusive”.

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In a social media post, David Robertson said: “After 35 years of owning this wonderful place, the time has come for me to retire. In the coming weeks, a dynamic and exclusive company called ‘The Inn Collection Group’ will take over the reins of The Bull. For me personally, it will be a sad and moving day.

“Keith Rothwell and I bought The Bull – Beaumaris in 1987 after running a small restaurant in Y Felinheli called The Seahorse. I was recently asked why we bought The Bull and my answer was simple: the place had a true soul.

“Although over the past 35 years the business has undergone several major transformations, the Law Society has intentionally remained unchanged. It is the beating heart of the building and the community. The perfect place to put the world in order with a drink or two.

Key to our success has undoubtedly been the people who have helped us realize our vision of creating a destination property. In 35 years, many have come and gone, and I’m proud to say many are still in touch. Several have gone on to forge successful careers in remote places around the world.

“Of the 45 people who work at Bull – Beaumaris today, some have been with me for 10 years or more. They are dedicated, competent and loyal people. They understand what teamwork can accomplish and it has forged a camaraderie that I find inspiring. They are the ones who make Taurus – Beaumaris what it is today.

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“I want to publicly thank them for their hard work and commitment. We had fun times and difficult times. We laughed, sometimes cried, but we always succeeded. They deserve a medal for putting up with me for so long!

“There are many elements to The Bull – Beaumaris’ DNA that make it so special, including the inn’s centuries-old tradition of warmth and friendliness. We had movie stars, rock stars, butchers, bakers and candle makers playing the piano and drinking together at the bar. The most memorable moment!

“I’ve gotten to know so many of you, some locals, some not, and it’s such a shame that I probably won’t get the chance to say goodbye to you all. If I can’t tell you in person, thank you for your support over the past 35 years. It is really appreciated.

“Naturally I will return to The Bull – Beaumaris in the future as a guest, as in the immortal words of Tina Turner it is ‘Simply the Best’.”

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