An update from the Fall FanGraphs members

With the playoffs in full swing and the offseason looming, it’s time for a FanGraphs membership update.

First of all, I would like to thank all of our members for their support this season. Your membership dollars go directly to paying our staff and keeping the lights on on site. When you subscribe, you are supporting our 10 full-time employees and 23 contributors, and I thought I would take this opportunity to briefly highlight the work they do every day.

In addition to myself, we have nine full-time employees. Ben clemens brings you insightful daily baseball analysis, co-author of the Trade Value series and spearheads our upcoming Top 50 Free Agent ranking. Sean Dolinar is our main web developer and is constantly bringing updates and additions to the site, creating new tools and improving the user experience. Kevin goldstein, provides direct knowledge of the functioning of the teams as well as an in-depth analysis of prospects and hosts Chin music. Jay jaffe brings you daily baseball analysis, a deep dive into the history of the game, and is the foremost expert on all things Hall of Fame. Eric Longenhagen is our primary lead analyst and spearheads all of our lead and project coverage, as well as maintaining Table. Jason martinez is the man behind FanGraphs’ RosterResource and ensures that every alignment move and player contract is meticulously followed. Meg rowley, our editor-in-chief, makes FanGraphs “go” and co-hosts the Effectively savage Podcast. Paul Spor is the editor-in-chief of RotoGraphs and the co-facilitator of The sleeper and the bust, and provides fantastic rankings and analysis all year round. Dan Szymborski is the architect of the ZiPS projection system and also provides daily analyzes.

Our contributors are also doing an incredible job. Alex chamberlain provides in-depth dives into Statcast and other data for FanGraphs and RotoGraphs. Ariel cohen is the brain behind ATC projections and the Beat the change Podcast. Devan fink analyzes everything from league-wide trends to individual players. Brendan Gawlowski looks at the outlook and the KBO, as well as baseball events. Dylan higgins produces our Twitch streams and Audio FanGraphs, and modifications Effectively savage. David Laurila provides insightful interviews with players and team staff around the world and writes the Sunday Notes, Talks Hitting, and Learning and Developing a Pitch series. Jake mailhot manages our power rankings and also provides detailed player and team analysis. Justin mason Roto Riteup authors and co-hosts The sleeper and the bust. Mike Podhorzer, a fantasy baseball industry veteran, provides daily fantasy analysis and projections. Michel simione dives into pitching with its Throwing Heat column for RotoGraphs. Jon tayler is the other publisher of FanGraphs and the voice behind our Twitter account. And Jeff zimmerman does everything for RotoGraphs, including leaderboards, Mining the News column and injury analysis.

In addition to these familiar voices, your support has enabled us to hire several new writers this spring. Jon becker assists with RosterResource and writes Bullpen report for RotoGraphs. Jeffrey Bellone designed and wrote the FanGraphs newsletter. Justin choi covers a variety of subjects around baseball and the KBO. Nicklaus Gaut takes a look at streaming analytics and fantasy strategy for RotoGraphs. Luc Hooper is our graphic designer and does video breakdowns and analyzes. Lucas kelly looks at fantasy baseball strategy and writes the Bullpen report. Owen McGrattan performs in-depth statistical analysis on a number of topics. Sara sanchez performs player analysis and also examines the intersection of the game with a larger culture. Alex Sonty writes the DFS Pitching Preview for RotoGraphs. Tess Taruskine writes about leads and performs video analytics, while contributing to our daily lead notes and lead lists. And Chad Young, one of Ottoneu’s original fantasy players, writes about all things Ottoneu.

These are the people who bring you the baseball analytics you read, the stats and tools you use, the podcasts you listen to, and the feeds you watch. We all appreciate your support.

And now for some membership data.

You may have noticed that the membership chart on the homepage hovered around 20,700 members all season. (If you recall from my previous posts, this graph counts all of our direct sales – memberships, donations, gift subscriptions, and merchandise – against our total memberships.)) Arrived March 30, 2021. It was the anniversary of the day we first asked for help in dealing with the pandemic, which also saw our biggest one-day membership increase.

You might be wondering why the homepage graphic hasn’t grown more since then. This is largely because last year the makeup of our membership had unique and unsustainable characteristics. The slight decreases that you saw in the Membership chart are mainly due to the decrease in new donations and a decrease in gift memberships and merchandise sales compared to last year:

We never really planned to maintain the same rate of donations as last year, so it’s mostly expected, as well as some member attrition from year to year. As of October 7, we actually have a handful of memberships above our previous peak. And if you look at the year-over-year numbers compared to October 7, 2020, our membership numbers have increased by around 15%.

Once again, we are extremely grateful for the continued support of our members. Not only did you support the site, but you helped us build better FanGraphs. And if you’ve enjoyed our coverage this season and are one of the more than 5 million site visitors this season who are not members, we hope you will consider becoming one. We want to continue to provide the high-quality baseball analysis, statistics, and tools you expect, and we can’t do it without you.

As always, you can support our site in the following ways:

Become a member
You can become a member or member without advertising. You will see the same great content and have access to all of our tools. You’ll also have access to Dark Mode and Classic Mode, and will be able to download many of our most popular RosterResource pages as Excel workbooks. Ad-free members also enjoy the site with faster load times and ad-free – this is the best way to experience FanGraphs.

Offer a membership
You can send a promo code for a one-year ad-free subscription to whoever you want. The code never expires and no credit card or other payment method is required when registering the recipient. Their membership begins when they use the promo code.

Buy goods!
To buy FanGraphs Merchandising! We will be restocking soon, so keep an eye out for future announcements.

Donate to FanGraphs
We have a simple donation form you can use to donate to FanGraphs. Please note that donations to FanGraphs are not tax deductible. For the purposes of our membership goal, we will treat every $ 30 donated as a new membership towards our goal.

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