Alternative retail websites for trendy festive gifts

Alternative retail websites for trendy festive gifts

Check out luxury retailers Rêve En Vert, APOC Store, and Doda the Store for wellness gift options that support emerging designers and artists, and have a sustainability mindset.

Whether we see friends and family face to face or through a computer screen this holiday season, we have never felt the need to give a gift in a more thoughtful way more. Whether it’s an eco-friendly made-to-order purchase or a giveaway that supports emerging and cutting-edge creations, a host of innovative retailers offer enchanting alternative gift options. They will have an equally uplifting effect whether they are opened under the Christmas tree or sent to surprise someone in the mail. Prepare your wrapping paper now.

Festive gift voucher: Rêve En Vert

Top, circular Bobby vase in lava, by Marloe Marloe. Bottom, scarf in organic merino wool by Maydi, both for Rêve En Vert

Tired of trend-driven spending, co-founder and CEO Cora Hilts launched sustainable luxury e-commerce retailer Rêve En Vert in 2014. The site operates on an environmentally conscious production, with an emphasis on brands that manufacture with a social and ecological conscience, use organic or recycled materials, work with local communities, pay a living wage and reduce carbon emissions and waste. Its fashion, beauty and lifestyle sections span from perfume and fitness, to baby and bridal wear, with brands such as Haeckels, winner of the 2019 Wallpaper * Design Awards, Riley Studio and Feldspar Studio.

For festive gifts that feel good, we recommend browsing the Made to Order section of Rêve En Vert, where you can shop for bespoke minimalist ceramics by Marloe Marloe, cozy knits by Maydi, and ruffle pillow sets. from Arkitaip. There is a worrying amount of waste associated with the holiday season, and purchasing using a bespoke service slows down the manufacturing process and reduces excess production. Fan of a festive solo stroll? We also recommend tapping into the Rev On Air podcast, which features interviews with a range of sustainability experts, from sustainable furniture maker Sebastian Cox to natural beauty pioneer Susanne Kaufmann, hosted by Hilts herself. .

APOC store

Collection black anorak + J Uniqlo

Collection black anorak + J Uniqlo

Top, Charm Necklace, by Marland Backus. Stockings, sock framed by Shek Leung.

The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen department stores abandon seasonal orders from booming brands, leaving them with excess inventory, or shops imposing brand dilution requirements on small labels, asking for styles in specific colors or fabrics. In an effort to put purchasing power back into the hands of labels and niche artists, Tracey Suen and Jules Volleberg launched avant-garde retailer APOC Store in fall 2020. The organized market, which covers fashion, accessories and art, allows sellers to specify their needs, whether they choose to create unique styles, commission on order, or sell reused pieces. Suen and Volleberg work in conjunction with their designers, who include surreal accessory brand D’Heygere, eccentric milliner Benny Andallo and ceramic artist Pauline Bonnet.

For the holiday season, APOC Store has launched a selection of exclusive gifts, which include eclectic charm jewelry by Marland Backus and sculptural socks by Shek Leung. Looking for household items? Let us direct you to the fake cakes and resin shelves by artist Vincent Olinet in the shape of slices of bread. A gift for the family extrovert? Celia Calderón Asensio offers embellished paneled bodysuits that will turn heads all the party season.

Doda the store

“Alternativeretaildoda2” ”

Top, oversized Damyanti silk pockets, by Mehrotra. Below, the Gota Santa necklace, by Sisi Joai, both for Doda the Store.

London-based fashion editor and stylist Grace Wright launched online luxury jewelry and accessories retailer Doda the Store in February 2020. Subverting the notion of a trending bag or ephemeral jewelry trend, the space Pleasant Shades Online specializes in craftsmanship. -pieces focused on independent designers, including Stockholm-based Mehrotra, who works only with natural materials, and Spanish-born London jeweler Sandralexandra, who has a penchant for pearls.

Are you looking for someone obsessed with organic cappuccino tones? Bucket bags and pods from felt specialist Cecilie Telle are available in a range of brown hues and are beautifully tactile in their hand-finished finish. Want to gift something that will shine under the winter sun? Sisi Joai’s recycled glass pendants will bring some sparkle to a stocking and also shine in summer. §

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