14 Costco Black Friday deals that don’t require membership

For some, the ideal day after Thanksgiving is to a lot nap. But if you’re a big shopper, you probably pull out your computer, head to your favorite online stores, and voraciously add products to your cart.

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Black Friday is like the Super Bowl of savings as online and physical stores start the holiday shopping season by slashing prices. This year, the annual sales event arrives on Friday, November 26, and you can expect some great deals in the weeks leading up to it as well.

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Concrete example : Costco has already posted many of its warehouse and Black Friday deals online so you can start planning before you even thaw the turkey. Most online offers do not require membership, however it has advantages like access to other sales, exclusive warehouse discounts and cash back.

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Below we’ve rounded up the best from Costco Black Friday 2021 offers you can hang online – no membership required.

1. Save up to $ 750 on select Samsung devices

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Case price: Up to $ 750 off starting November 25, 2021

Original price: The price varies depending on the device

Black Friday is one of the best times to save on big ticket items like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. If you need new home appliances, you’re in luck – you can save up to $ 750 on a variety of Samsung products.

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2. Save $ 700 on the Wine Enthusiast 155-Bottle Wine Cellar with VinoView Shelves, $ 2,399.99 $ 1,699.99

Case price: $ 1,699.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 2,399.99

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Dream of a wine collector, this cellar keeps up to 155 bottles organized and stored at the ideal temperature. The shelves open to give you easy access to all your favorite bottles without craning your neck.

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3. Save $ 30 on the NutriBullet Blender Combo, $ 99.99 $ 69.99

Case price: $ 69.99 as of November 25, 2021

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Original price: $ 99.99

This combo set of blenders includes single serve mugs and a large capacity pitcher for making smoothies, soups and juices for yourself or a large group. It even comes with two on-the-go lids and four stainless steel straws, so you don’t have to search for any extras.

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4. Save $ 30 on the Panasonic 1.3 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave, $ 99.99 $ 129.99

Case price: $ 99.99 as of November 25, 2021

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Original price: $ 129.99

Whether you are a professional cook or a hobbyist, everyone needs a good microwave. This one comes with 10 different potency levels and with this Black Friday deal it’s a steal at just $ 100.

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1. Save $ 100 on the Simply Modern 12 ” Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress, $ 499.99 $ 399.99

Case price: $ 399.99 as of November 25, 2021

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Original price: $ 499.99

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This gel infused memory foam mattress offers a cool, supportive surface that conforms to your body shape for a personalized feel and a perfect night’s sleep.

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2. Save $ 35 on the radiator for the entire Vornado room, $ 89.99 $ 49.99

Case price: $ 49.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 89.99

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This compact heater may be small, but it is powerful. It’s perfect for heating or cooling any room, and even has automatic climate control to keep the temperature balanced so you don’t have to worry about changing it all the time.

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3. Save $ 3 on the 60 ” x 70 ” Life Comfort Velor Plush Throw, $ 14.99 $ 8.99

Case price: $ 8.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 14.99

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up under this plush velvet throw? At just $ 9 each, you can buy one for every room in the house.


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1. Save $ 300 on Maxim Lighting 6 Speed ​​Satin Nickel Fixtures, $ 899.99 $ 599.99

Case price: $ 599.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 899.99

Is he a fan? Is it a chandelier? This unique piece is both a light and a fan. If you’re looking for a more modern way to freshen up stale air, this is the perfect balance of form and function.

2. Save $ 110 on the VIZIO 5.1-Channel Home Theater Audio System, $ 299.99 $ 189.99

Case price: $ 189.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 299.99

Treat your living room to surround sound processing with this audio system. It comes with nine high-performance speakers that will flood your space with the smooth, rich sound of music, movies, and more.

3. Save $ 30 on Roku Ultra 4K Streaming Media Player and Roku Streaming Stick +, $ 129.99 $ 99.99

Case price: $ 99.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 129.99

Turn any TV into a smart TV with a Roku streaming stick. It is perfect for streaming your favorite shows and movies in HD, 4K and HDR.

4. Save $ 100 on the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router AC2200 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router, $ 399.99 $ 299.99

Case price: $ 299.99 as of November 18, 2021

Original price: $ 399.99

There is nothing worse than stumbling upon dead Wi-Fi spots in your space. The solution? Make sure you have a great router setup to make the connection work everywhere. This 4-pack includes a Google Nest Wi-Fi router and three Google Nest Wi-Fi points covering up to 7,000 square feet.

1. Save $ 100 on the Ring Alarm 10-Piece Kit, $ 229.99 $ 129.99

Case price: $ 129.99 as of November 21, 2021

Original price: $ 229.99

Ring makes it affordable and easy to equip your home with a complete security system. This set includes a base station, keypad, range extender, motion sensor, and six touch sensors that you can set up near doors or windows. The handy app also allows you to customize settings such as motion detection.

2. Save $ 120 on Lorex Ultra HD 4K 8 Channel DVR Security System with 6 4K Active Deterrence Cameras, $ 399.99 $ 279.99

Case price: $ 279.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 399.99

When it comes to securing your space, this set is top notch. It comes with six cameras that detect the movement of cars or people and allows you to record 4K videos for later watching. You can even set up a virtual fence, which extends beyond what cameras can monitor, and get notified if and when that line has been crossed.

3. Save $ 10 on the ECOXGEAR EcoEdge Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $ 49.99 $ 39.99

Case price: $ 39.99 as of November 25, 2021

Original price: $ 49.99

With up to 20 hours of playtime, this speaker will keep the party going all night long. It is waterproof and broadcasts wirelessly up to 100 feet. When the juice runs out, it’s very easy to just recharge the battery.

Are you planning to take advantage of the Black Friday deals this year? Let us know below! This article contains products independently chosen (and loved) by our editors and editors. Food52 earns an affiliate commission on qualifying purchases of products we are linked to.

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